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"Taking Care of Each Other"

Organizing For Better Jobs!
This site is here to help you make an informed decision. Office Depot employees like yourself maintain this site. Any questions or comments are encouraged. Send them to:
"In order for management to win they will have to mislead, lie, and decieve you; in order for the workers to win we only have to share the truth."
Thanks for checking out the site. As many of you know the Office Depot employees at store 386 in Florence,AL are trying to form a union. It is our goal to assist employees in other stores into starting their own union campaign. There are many reasons we, the employees, are organizing. Of course we all know we are underpaid; with a union we will be able to negotiate for a Living Wage. Office Depot is a multi-billion dollar corporation who thrives off exploiting young workers. Haven't you ever wondered why a company that makes so much money pays you so little? Well, they can get away with it because we, the workers, aren't organized. Throughout history when people have been treated poorly they have joined together in groups to overcome their oppressor. The civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's would have never taken place if individuals didn't organize.
You can't go at it alone. That's why we are "taking care of each other." Don't be fooled by Office Depot rhetoric. Office Depot is NOT one big "team" and it is NOT a "family."  Would a "family" only let certain members have healthcare? (only full-time employees may recieve insurance)
Since most of us are young, students or female, Office Depot thinks that they can get away with offering low pay, few benefits, and NO guarantee of a job.  
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Third Parties in the Workplace?Anti-worker Law Firm for Hire
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Office Depot "legal team" Does Not Understand Alabama State Law

Wal-Mart Workers Win Union!

Office Depot Anti-Worker Law Firm
When employees attempt form unions it is common for employers to hire expensive law firms to "bust up" the union. These firms specialize in distorting laws which benefit working people. The hiring of these firms runs counter to Office Depot's belief that a "third party...could lead to disruption." While Office Depot feels that is best if the employees do not involve a "third party," they do not see anything wrong with the "involvement of a third party" for their purposes. Recently the organizing committee recieved an anonymous call from someone who stated that Office Depot has already made use of the law firm "Jackson Lewis." We have included a link to the website of Jackson Lewis so that you can see what they are really about. If anyone can verify the anonymous caller's claim please email us.
Office Depot Refuses to Deliever to Union Offices
California- The LA Labor Central Labor Council appears to be coming forward with a discrimination lawsuit against Office Depot. The suit is based on Office Depot's policy of refusing to deliever to union offices in certain locations. It is thought that Office Depot doesn't want their non-union drivers interacting with union workers. Office Depot has responded to the allegations by stating in an letter:

"Thank you for contacting Office Depot Online. In reference to the
untimeliness of a reply, I sincerely apologize. In response to your
inquiry, we do take orders from and deliver to union offices. However, we
choose to deliver to union offices only via third party carriers, such as
UPS. UPS does charge an additional fee for shipping and the method of
payment for UPS deliveries must be an Office Depot or major credit card.
Also, the time frame for UPS deliveries is 3-7 business days. Should you
wish to place an order for delivery, please contact our Call Center Order
Department at 1-800-685-8800, as they will be happy to assist you in every
way. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to
contact me.


Debbie S. White
Customer Relations Assistant
Office Depot, Inc.
We ask you, what do they not want their employees to know? Please contact Office Depot and ask them to stop this practice.
We Need Your Help
We are asking for everyone who has any information about Office Depot to contact us. If you are an employee of Office Depot you probably know more than you think. If you have been a customer of Office Depot send us your thoughts. We want to know what YOU know!!! You can sign our guestbook below or email us. Thanks.

Know The Truth About Your Employment Status

Here's what the "handbook" says regarding your benefits and  employment status:
"The information is general in nature and not considered to be all inclusive. Nothing in this handbook is a guarantee of continued employment nor does it constitute an employment contract. Office Depot management reserves the right to amend, modify, or delete from any policy or practice, in whole or in part, in individual cases or in general application, at anytime, with or without notice."

As hardworking employees we deserve assurance that our jobs and benefits will be here tomorrow. Many of us are already denied certain benefits (e.g. Health Insurance) and we have no control over this. Don't take what you've got for granted, because it may not be there tomorrow. Remember the handbook says they "reserve the right to amend, modify, or delete" any "policy or practice."
Office Depot #386 Goes Global
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Employee Not Allowed to Comment or Question
After learning of our attempt to gain union recognition the mangement , along with the district manager and the human resources rep, held several "huddle meetings." After telling the employees how great of a job they were doing and how proud they were of us, they of course stated the official company stand regarding our exercising of our right to form a union. All employees sat quietly as they explained our rights to "not sign authorization cards." However when they finished, an employee attempted to clarify some of their statements. After the employee explained the actual cost of dues, made a remark that the gains made with a contract more than make up for the cost of dues, and stating that the union cannot fine you, he was promptly interupted by the district manager who said, "I think we have heard enough." The employee then stated that he was sure that the other employees would like to hear the rest of what he had to say. Again the district manager said "You've had your chance" and then dismissed the employees.
Office Depot claims to be an "Associate oriented environment", yet "associates" are shut out discussions which impact on themselves.
What is it that they don't want you to hear? Is this really an "associate oriented environment?" Is this democratic?
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