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   You won't be able to talk to your managers about problems- even if unions wanted to stop you from talking to managers about problems (why on earth would they?) federal law mandates that you have the right to go to a manager with a problem with union representation.
   Unions will lead the company into bankruptcy- unions do not ask for more in a contract than a company can afford. They know that the worst possible disservice that a union could do to its membership is to drive the company they work for out of business.
   The union will  be like having another boss- actually management reserves all "boss" functions in a contract. So you won't have to check with the union to go on vacation, justify being late, etc. What the union does do for you is advocate for you if you feel that management's decisions are unfair.
   You'll go on strike- strikes are actually very rare. (1%) The chances are much much greater that you'll end up with a fair contract. Remember the employees vote to go on strike anyways. So it's up to you. (source:dolphin.upenn,edu/~amath13/misconceptions.ntml)