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What is a union?
Here is the definition from the Oxford American Dictinary
"Union- noun, 1) uniting, being united 2) a whole formed by uniting parts, an associations formed by the uniting of people or groups."
What can a union do for you?

   Provide a legally binding contract of employment that will remove your "at will" status and insure that you can not be terminated without proper legal process. As it stands now, you can be terminated for any time and for any reason or no reason. An official contract (much like those signed by managers) will provide job security. Having a union means that fairness, not favoritism rules the day. A union means management can't make up the rules as it goes along.

A union is a group of employees who join together to bargain collectively through a representative of their own choosing. The union is made up of workers like yourself. In fact you are the union.  With a union you will have a say in what the company does with you. You can better address issues such as pay, benefits, and job promotions. As it is now when you have an issue with how you are being treated it is completely between you and management.  With a union you have the support of other workers and a representative. The union will advocate on your behalf if you feel you aren't being treated fairly. The union as a non-profit organization is there to provide you with services such as representation, legal advice, and advocacy. The union is not a business. The union is YOU!
    Unions and Democracy
Unions are direct democracy. You vote on everything. You elect union leaders. You vote to approve or disapprove your contract once it is negotiated. You vote on any dues increases. In fact many of the rights you have now, such as workers compensation, minimum wage, 40 hour work week, social security, safe working conditions, were fought for by unions and union members. Unions even helped give women the right to vote.  As Americans we sometimes take these things for granted, but let's not forget who struggled to help you today. Nothing could be more American than a union!
    How you can get a union
First we have to get at least 30% of the workers to sign authorization cards stating they want to form a union. When enough cards are signed, then we can  request to be recognized as a union. If management decides to challeng us the Federal government will hold a secret ballot election. If we get a majority of us to vote yes then we have a union.  We will then begin to negotiate a binding contract. You will help decide what goes into the contract. When we feel that we have fair contract then we will then vote to approve the contract.Once the contract  is in you will decide if you want to be a member. Remember with a union YOU help make the rules.